Connect buyers and sellers around the world.

Make your cross-border payments as seamless as domestic ones.

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Our Goal

Pay Wink will look at all new clients, mainly from the UK, and help these clients streamline cross-border payments to Asia and the Middle East.



Sending cross-border payments is typically associated with a lack of clarity around cost and settlement time.



Our technology that powers payments makes cross-border payments as seamless as domestic ones.


Pay Wink Ltd.

Cross-border payments made local currency systems scalable on a global level for payments from UK to the UAE and Asia.

Payment is made via FPS in GBP. UAEFTS, a local UAE system, represents the final leg of transactions carrying funds to the end beneficiary account.


We have specifically designed our products for:


Asian e-Commerce Platforms

Merchants can sell goods to UK customers in GBP via FasterPayments. The funds are exchanged and made available in Hong Kong within 24 hours.

Middle East e-Commerce Platforms

GBP is exchanged against AED and immediately settled via UAE Funds Transfer System – UAEFTS

UK merchants that are unable to accept payments in Euro

Due to e.g. Amazon’s Currency Disbursement Policy (e.g. if an account is located in the UK, the disbursement can only be made in GBP, even if the account is capable of accepting incoming payments in Euros.)

Cross-border payments

E-commerce marketplaces from Asia connect buyers and sellers around the world.

Cross-border payments

Cross-border payments are complex and involve several parties, regulations, currencies and risks.

Online world

On the other hand, the online world is ultra-connected and businesses are becoming global.

The platforms

The platforms collect payments from buyers and transfer these amounts to sellers.


The platforms need to either absorb the fees or collect the fees from their users.

Time and money

Due to different banking systems, any payment is subject to different cross border charges.

The amount of time to settle can vary depending on the location of sellers.

Inexpensive and fast

Sellers want their money quickly with low fees.

Cross-border payments are not always simple. safe. cheap.

  • Collecting payments from buyers and transfer to sellers.
  • Different banking systems - different cross border charges.
  • Complex regulations
  • Different currencies
  • Various risks

These factors affect business – increasing cost of items sold and affecting loyalty of the sellers.

Unless you are using !

Pay Wink will help these clients streamline cross-border payments.

Pay Wink will serve merchants selling on large e-commerce platforms offering their products in the UK.

Collection services will be provided to sellers offering products via online marketplaces.

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