Bring your online store into the future with crypto payments.

Sell your products with crypto currencies and collect payment with fiat currency instantly on your bank account.

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Save Time

Sell your products with stablecoins without losing time on collecting payments. You will receive your payments in fiat currency directly on your SEPA Instant reachable account

Save Money

With fees as low as 0.05%!

No Risk

Using only stablecoins, you will receive the same amount as your product was sold for, paid directly to your account.

Pay Wink Checkout

Save time and money with our checkout. Accept stablecoins and get paid 24/7 directly to your SEPA Instant reachable account.

Clients will only need to select their favourite blockchain network and stablecoin of choice…

... and transfer funds to an address specifically generated for their purchase. As soon as the purchase is complete, you will immediately receive the funds to your bank account.

Do you have any question?

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via email or contact form.